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Core Designing Principles

Core Designing Principles

This project was definitely an inspiration for me to start recording all of our home renovation projects. I’m a little late in posting this (been too busy with other projects – stay tuned), but I am really excited to share.

With our last few moves, there have been certain “must have” features that we have looked for in the home:  Features like a wood burning fireplace, two car garage, and mature trees.  With this last move, we added a screened in porch to our wish list (be on the look out for starving mosquitoes).


We were lucky enough to find a home with everything we were looking for, except the screened in porch – Nothing a little construction couldn’t fix.  99% of the time I am totally a “I can do that myself” kind of girl, but this required a bit more brawn.  So, after the laborious process of obtaining five different estimates, we finally had a signed contract – Woo hoo!  Not so fast…the start date got pushed back several times, and what I thought was going to be a Memorial Day unveiling didn’t happen.

This several week delay had me in a funk (not the smell…the state of mind).  What I needed was some motivation to keep me excited.   My first purchase – Pillows!

I found these at Homegoods.  Fell in love with them as soon as I saw them…the perfect shade of yellow.  They make me very happy.

But let’s see where we started.  Can you say Ugggly! 

Finally – groundbreaking day – very exciting.  This is Lou and his concrete crew.  He had the brawn and the equipment needed to get this project started.  Hey Lou, strike a pose for the crowd. Then only you can find basic design principles.

Eeeek!…no turning back now.
The demolition process took a few days, and of course we had pouring rain immediately after the huge hole was dug.  I know it doesn’t look like much, but it was very exciting to finally see a shape emerge.

We thought we were finally on a roll, but unfortunately we failed the first inspection – the footers needed to be adjusted – more digging.  This again set us back several more days. In an effort to feel like we were making some progress, Shawn and I rented a uhaul and made rounds to pick up all the goodies that were going to go on the porch.  At this point, I had the garage filled with furniture and other item.