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Cabinet of curiosities since 1831, Deyrolle feeds the Creation.

Cabinet of curiosities since 1831, Deyrolle feeds the Creation.

With its black panthers, its red ibis and its naturalized flamingos, its entomological boxes more colorful than others, its teaching boards as educational as aesthetic, the House Deyrolle has inspired generations as much as it has educated.

A source of fantasy for some – André Breton, Salvador Dali and Robert Doisneau, among others, were passionate about Deyrolle – a learning partner for others – the Deyrolle pedagogical boards have been enthroned on the walls of many classes country since the nineteenth century! – Deyrolle has always been able to combine tradition and innovation and renew itself without ever betraying itself. The exceptional illustrations of Deyrolle are of a precision and a beauty which allowed this imagery to resist the time. Their rigorous precision makes them teaching tools that are still valid and their aesthetics give them a real artistic value.

By partnering with NeoDko, Deyrolle offers today to revisit this unique heritage. Here you will find a number of creations that will give you a glimpse of the immense possibilities of decoration that the Deyrolle planks can offer …

If you are good in architecture then should know how to redesign walls.

A decorative glance in a corridor or an imposing scene in a living room, these panoramic wallpapers will be able to Perfectly fit your interior. Whether in an old environment or in a resolutely modern aesthetic, they can be combined to infinity to give birth to a unique decoration. Do not hesitate to contact us to help you realize your project in every detail.